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New Silent Hill Homecoming VPD GAMES Action / Adventure (Video Game) Reviews

New Silent Hill Homecoming VPD GAMES Action / Adventure (Video Game)

Silent Hill Homecoming.Street Date: 30-Sep-08.Action / Adventure (Video Game) - Video Game.Studio/label: VPD GAMES.No return acceptable.
Konami's celebrated survival horror series known for its surreal atmosphere and supernatural enemies makes its debut appearance on the Xbox 360 in Silent Hill: Homecoming. Players assume the role of Alex Shepherd, a soldier recently discharged from a military hospital who returns to his home town only to find his brother and father missing, and his mother catatonic. The story takes players from Shepherd's deserted hometown, where citizens go missing every day and strange creatures have begun to roam the vacant streets, all the way to the notoriously fog-laden city of Silent Hill on a quest to save his loved ones. As in previous games in the series, the streets and buildings of Silent Hill are filled with bizarre and aggressive creatures, but unlike the civilian protagonists in those games, Shepherd actually has military training and is thus quite handy with both firearms and close-quarters combat. The action is frequently interrupted by puzzles of varying difficulty that often require graphic-adventure-style exploration and discovery. Players are given a journal to help keep track of any written and visual clues they may encounter during these sojourns, a feature designed to help gamers make sense of Silent Hill's trademark transitions between the real world and its darker alternate dimensions. ~ Christopher Brown, All Game Guide.

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