Monday, October 3, 2011

Juggernaut: The New Story - Quake II Expansion

Juggernaut: The New Story - Quake II Expansion

For Windows 95/9813 New Single Player Levels5 New Monsters2 All-new Deadly Weapons
Some time in the future, refugees from earth have gone to colonize Callisto and Europe, both moons of Jupiter. The settlers on Callisto, called the Callistans, ran bio-genetic research programs in order to better adapt the planet. However the experiments went wrong and the Callistans were turned into horrible monsters who are now trying to invade Europe and eradicate their population. You are a settler on Europe and it's your mission to stop them. This Quake II conversion comes with 13 new single-player levels, hundreds of new textures and sounds. Also included are 5 new monsters and 2 all-new deadly weapons, the EMP Rifle and the Blade Gun. It requires the full version of Quake II already installed on your PC.


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