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Massive world spanning 450 square Km with no loading times6 factions to work with or against, all with intelligent behaviour & intelligent AIHuge choice of weapons, kit and armouryVehicle management inc helicopters, tanks, cars, motorboatsA real living world with real time day/night system / Genre blend of FPS & RPG
Manufacturer's Description
Boiling Point commences with the hero, Saul Meyers, receiving a call to inform him that his daughter Lisa has disappeared whilst on assignment in South America. He immediately travels there and is met by a variety of local factions, all of which can help or hinder him in his quest. As the plot thickens, Saul realises that there is more to his daughter's disappearance than he first thought. What has she uncovered, and will Saul be able to save her and ultimately the world in time?

Your presence here affects everything. Each step you take is crucial. Every game is different.

Forget linear games with levels and download times. This is real life.

Despite the massive 450 km2 you have to explore, the feeling of claustrophobia is immense. In this new breed of action game tempers will rise and you'll need more than your fists to survive. Arm yourself with new weapons and heavy artillery and outsmart the enemy.

Every action you make will come back to haunt you. And with the army, Guerrillas, and Mafia on to you, you'd better watch your back. Help them out, or blast your way through. Either way, the heat is on and you'll be pushed... to Boiling Point.

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