Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sonic R Reviews

Sonic R

Platform: WINDOWS 95/98 Publisher: XPLOSIV Packaging: DVD STYLE BOX Rating: EVERYONE Sonic R is a racing game along the lines of Mario Karts. It's fast-paced and fun and great for children. There are three modes of play: Grand Prix mode where you race against your opponents in a championship by winning a series of races; Time Attack mode where you not only race against time but also improve your points by popping a plethora of balloons along the way; and finally multi-player mode where you can play a split-screen race from two to four players. Features:Grand Prix Mode - Prove yourself the fastest in the world by winning a series of Grand Prix for the ultimate prize. Time Attack Mode - Don't just race against time but maximise your points by popping the balloons. Multiplayer Mode - Splitscreen racing for 2 to 4 players. Weather Condition System - Changing weather conditions affect the way you race!System Requirements:Minimum system requirements:Windows 95 or 98Intel Pentium 90MHz Processor16MB Memory20MB Hard Disk Space640x480 256 color (8-bit) Display Resolution4X CD-ROM DriveWindows Compatible MouseWindows Compatible Keyboardrecommended system requirements:Desktop PC Windows 95 or 98 Intel Pentium 133 MHz Processor 32MB Memory 40MB Hard Disk Space 640x480 High color (16-bit) Display Resolution 4X CD-ROM Drive Windows Compatible Mouse Windows Compatible Keyboard.

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