Sunday, May 22, 2011

Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut (PC-CD) with Bonus Scenario

Silent Hill 2 Director's Cut (PC-CD) with Bonus Scenario

Explore a blood-curdling brand new bonus scenario never seen before!Control Maria for the first time.New areas, weapons and items.Enhanced graphics and lightning effects.Graphic resolutions up to 1600×1200.
What could normally be a comforting, even romantic letter, scares and confuses James - his wife has been dead for three years. The mystery of the letter compels him to return to the surreal horror and all-to-real danger in Silent Hill. Set in dense fog and haunting darkness accompagnied by dramatic music in Dolby Surround sound, Silent Hill 2 (PC) pushes the boundaries of macabre horror. Advanced technological and original designs allow for such features as intense visual expressions of the characters, eerie weather conditions and dramatic gore making the game an extremely frightening. Players face over 10 types of enemies and have access to a variety of shooting and striking weapons, including the pistol and steel pipe found in previous (console) editions.

* Return to Silent Hill in an entirely new adventure with all new characters and monsters.
* Battle horrifying creatures with a new arsenal of weapons and items.
* Riveting storyline, stunning graphics and true to life CG movies leave you on the edge of your seat.
* Atmosphere lighting and chilling sound create the most terrifying game experience yet!
* Dynamic Camera angles, beautiflly rendered environments, and realtime weather effects deliver a cinematic horror experience.


Windows XP/ME/2000/98
700 MHz Pentium or Athlon processor (or equivalent)
DirectX 8.1 compliant 3D accelerator card w/32 MB VRAM
DirectX 8.1 compliant sound card
DirectX 8.1 or higher (included)
4X CD-ROM drive
1.8 GB free hard disk space

Supported chipsets:
NVIDIA GeForce4, GeForce3, GeForce2, GeForce 256, TNT2
ATI Radeon 9700, 9000, 8500, 7500, 7200, 7000, Radeon
Matrox Parhelia, G550, G40, G400
PowerVR Kyro II, Kyro I

Price: $

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