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Unique gameplay elements, such as gravity flipping, wall-walking and deathwalk, create an incredibly original first-person shooter experience.Portal technology allows enemies to appear out of thin air, creating new and completely original puzzles and gameplay techniques.Highly organic, living environment that is an enemy to the player.In single-player mode, spirit hawk allows you to decipher the spaceship's alien language and find advantages in battle.Built on an enhanced Doom 3 engine, the most impressive 3D engine used in a released game.
Aliens turned Tommy's world upside down. Nowhe's about to return the favor.Product InformationPrey is the story of Tommy who is a down-on-his-luck garage mechanic stuck inthe middle on who-knows-where on some forgotten reservation where NativeAmericans are tucked away out of sight out of mind. And then theunthinkable has happend! Earth becomes prey to the galaxy's largest predator aspace bound Texas-sized alien that's looking to satiate its hunger with theorganic goodness that most populates Earth: Us. And the first course is acertain forgotten reservation.Tommy and his girlfriend have become prey his grandfather killed andhundreds of his tribal nation have been abducted through space-warping portals.Freeing himself all Tommy cares about is saving Jenny. But the spirit of hisgrandfather beckons him to embrace his heritage accept the ancient teachingsand prepare to battle the menace that threatens to destroy all the planet'slife. It's a choice between love and responsibility. It's a choice thatcannot be made easily.Product Highlights Living weapons a faithful sidekick vehicles giant environments jaw-dropping memorable moments a story of redemption and destiny and a 3-Hour Epic Soundtrack by Jeremy Soule (Oblivious Guild Wars). The FPS of the year is in your hands. Imagine A Place where gravity isn't always down! It can be controlled twisted flipped and even wrap around small planetoids. Imagine walking on walls and ceilings? Can you handle this new challenge? Portals change everything. Experience for the first time the really bending effects of a portal world. Prey sets a new standard that will completely mess your mind. Multiple gamplay innovations from the developer that brought you Bullet Time including Deathwalk (dying is no longer annoying it's fun) and Spiritwalk (leave your body to explore ambush and solve mind blowing puzzles).Product

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