Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hero: Doctor Reviews

My Hero: Doctor

Interactive use of the stylus and mic in 10 intense...heart stopping, replayable missions that will test your skills as a doctorScan for fractures, resuscitate using CPR or mouth-to-mouth, remove foreign bodies like bee stings or sea-urchins, carefully inject medication, and if things get real hairy, use the defibrillatorWork with real medical supplies like bandages, gauze, pliers and syringes to restore your patients' healthRace to destinations in day and night modes while avoiding obstacles to receive time bonusesReach checkpoints and receive the Siren Super Bonus to gain turbo speed and make cars move out of your way
Introducing an all new Nintendo DS franchise for aspiring heroes! My Hero: Firefighter, My Hero: Astronaut and My Hero: Doctor let players experience what it’s like to be the role models they look up to. In My Hero: Doctor, players become a doctor apprentice who must manage critical medical emergencies. Race through traffic to reach patients in time and then treat them, stabilize them, and get them back to the hospital before it is too late! With enough heart, stamina, and skills, you will enter the Hall of Fame as the town's best doctor.

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 8.44

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