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Cursed Mountain (PC-DVD) Reviews

Cursed Mountain (PC-DVD)

Shock, horror! A horror game that's not set in a haunted house or abandoned village! With Cursed Mountain Sproing has reached for the skies, literally! Having brought the horror genre to the desolate landscape of the Himalayan mountain rangeExtreme Setting: Set in the 1980's without the security of GPS or mobile phones, only the most intrepid climbers dared take on the Himalayas.Release the cursed spirits trapped in limbo.Environmental Hazards: As players climb higher, the mountain itself becomes an enemy. Altitude sickness and oxygen deprivation, players may not be able to tell the difference between real enemies and hallucinations.Graphics so good you will be jumping out off your seat in terror!
Set in the late 1980s, gamers take on the role of a fearless mountaineer as he climbs into the Himalayas on a quest to find his lost brother. As he ascends the mountain, he encounters an ancient curse: the souls of the people who died in that region are stuck in limbo, caught in the Shadow World. Villagers, pilgrims, mountaineers and Buddhist monks dead but not yet reincarnated are all that is left on the mountain.

Terrible visions will disorient him, and ghosts and demons block his path. But the question remains is his brother still alive?

Cursed Mountain features rich visuals and breathtaking views set on the roof of the world in the life threatening death zone, the entire game world is visible from every level.

After searching eerie villages and ancient monasteries tracking down leads, you climb the steep faces of Chomolonzo to discover his fate. As you climb higher, the mountain itself becomes an enemy. Prone to the travails of altitude sickness and oxygen deprivation, you may not be able to tell the difference between real enemies and hallucinations.

Publisher : Deep Silver
Developer : Sproing Interactive Media
Genre : Action
Platform : PC
Release Date : Feb, 2010

System Requirements:
Processor : Intel Pentium IV at 3.2 GHz
Video Card : 256 MB VRAM - nVidia GeForce 6800GT / ATI Radeon X1650 or above with support for Shader Model 3.0
Memory : 1 GB RAM (2 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk : 8 GB of free Hard Drive Space
Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Vista
Sound Card : DirectX Compatible
Direct X : 9.0c
Controls : Keyboard & Mouse
Installation : DVD-ROM Drive

Price: $

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