Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doom Collector's Edition

Doom Collector's Edition

In Ultimate DOOM you're a space marine with nothing but guts and a pistol. Locate stronger firepower and shoot your way through undead marines and mutant demons from hell -- 27 levels of bloody actionWhen the original DOOM leaves you wanting more, you can start up with DOOM II -- the forces of the Netherworld have invaded, and you're the only one who can stop themFinal DOOM is the final chapter in the legendary Doom series -- featuring 2 new 32-level episodes with complete storiesFeatures the classic 3D DOOM graphics that made it a hit when it was first released
DOOM Collector's Edition brings together the classic shooter action of the DOOM games. Relive the beginnings of first-person shooter action in Ultimate DOOM, where you'll navigate a radioactive moonbase and blow away demonic aliens. In DOOM II, the aliens have reached Earth, leaving millions dead. Pick up your guns again and fight them off. Then close off the incredible, blood-spattered story in Final DOOM.

List Price: $ 17.99


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