Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Penumbra Collection [Game Download] Reviews

Penumbra Collection

Penumbra Overture: After receiving a letter from his estranged father, a man he thought dead, Philip heads to Greenland to discover just who? or what? sent the letterPenumbra Black Plague: Trapped deep within the Greenland underground complex known as The Shelter, Philip must continue his search for his father as he fights to maintain his sanityRequiem Expansion Pack: As Philip falls deeper into madness, he must keep his wits about him if he will ever be able to discover the origins behind his father?s letterCutting-edge game engine featuring modern 3D and physics technologiesAdapted motion blur effects and a new unified lighting system with realtime lightning create great depth with a realistic atmosphere of psychological horror
Enter the world of Philip Buchanon. Murder, a forgotten past, and madness await. Navigate harrowing environments filled with challenging puzzles, realistic physics, and twisted enemies.

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