Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Metroid Prime Reviews

Metroid Prime

On a distant planet known as Tallon IV, where a deserted space station leads to a nightmare discovery -- the Metroids have returned, mutated and more powerful than before!You'll play Metroid-hunter Samus, as you fight through tunnels against the deadliest creatures in the galaxyUse bombs, missiles, lasers, and your ability to morph into a ball strategically, as you navigate a desolate planet filled with deadly corridorsYou'll also be able to wear new suits that give Samus all-new powersFlawless camera angles, fantastic 3D graphics, and massively detailed game worlds all combine with gorgeous cutscenes that advance the story
Metroid Prime takes you back to the dark & claustrophobic world of the Metroids -- they've mutated into an evil more powerful form and Samus Aran is sent to stop them! Runs in progressive scan mode and supports Dolby Pro Logic II, for better picture and sound on your home thater system

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $

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