Friday, December 31, 2010

Cursed Mountain Limited Edition

Cursed Mountain Limited Edition

Complete Game With Bonus Disc with 15 tracks of in-game music and a 5-part "making of" DVD. Interior Art in Steelbook casePlaces the player in a realistic himalayan environmentPlayers climb to the top to discover the fate of their brother as well to stop the curse that's interupting Samsara - the Buddhist concept of reincarnationDesigned to mimic the physical aspects of sacred prayer rituals, mantras, and gestures of Buddhism, combat is compromised of gestures that release spirits from their curse
Cursed Mountain is a survival horror game designed specifically for the Wii. Players will take the role of Frank Simmons as he tracks down his brother, who went missing on a trak into the Himalayas to find an ancient Buddhist Artifact

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 6.94

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