Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zoombinis Island Odyssey

Zoombinis Island Odyssey

Firmware UpgradeableBuffer Underrun Technology - helps prevent writing crashes on slow computersWrite SpeedsUp to 4x Double Layer DVD+RUp to 16x DVD+R
Plunge into a vital expedition to save Zoombini IsleProduct InformationReturn to Zoombini Isle in another puzzling odyssey! Life continued to begood for the Zoombinis. That is until they received word about the homelandthey had left behind. The dastardly Bloats had destroyed the natural habitat andthen evacuated leaving the Zerbles and other wildlife struggling for survival.Join the Zoombinis and develop math logic and scientific-thinking skills on acourageous expedition to save the Zerbles!Skills Learned Thinking Skills Logic Collecting Data Data Analysis Decoding Complex Processes Graphing and Mapping Logical Reasoning Modular Arithmetic Pattern Finding Problem Solving Theory Formulation and TestingCategoriesScience Concepts: Astronomy Mechanics Cryptography Ecology Genetics Life CyclesProduct Features 7 perilous puzzles 3 levels of challenge Practice mode Helpful puzzle clues Parent's Guide Puzzle Reformulation - a new game each adventure! Supports math standards set by the National Council of Teachers of MathematicsFun Activities Include The Bloats evacuate Zoombini Isle leaving the Zerbles struggling for survival. Vault the Zoombinis onto the towering cliffs by studying the gear ratios. Recognize patterns in the hieroglyphs to discover how to open the door. Create Zerbles genetically adapted for survival. Ensure caterpillar metamorphosis by combining astronomy with modular arithmetic. Create your Zoombinis for the mission to save the Zerbles. Deduce how to feed each type of Zerble by using Venn diagrams.Windows Requirements Pentium 200 MHz+ (Pentium II 300 MHz or faster for XP)Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista90 MB free hard disk space32 MB free (128 MB RAM for XP)8X CD-ROM DriveHigh color 16-bitWindows-compatible sound card SpeaSail off with the Zoombinis on an epic adventure of math and logic, now with a scientific twist. The dastardly Bloats have evacuated Zoombini Isle. Join a determined band of Zoombinis as they bravely return to their ravaged homeland and save the wild Zerbles by restoring their once-fertile habitat. Build logic and science thinking skills while discovering concepts in astronomy, mechanics, cryptography, and life sciences--including the food chain, ecology, and genetics. Sail through seven intriguing, interactive logic puzzles with three skill levels.

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