Thursday, August 18, 2011

PS3/PS2 Dual SFX Evolution Wireless Controller

PS3/PS2 Dual SFX Evolution Wireless Controller

# An INTEGRATED MOTION/ANALOG JOYSTICK system for INCREASED accuracy and control# Adjustable motion sensitivity # Motion level calibration # Programmable motion override# Wheel for sensitivity adjustment and also left/right click # Just plug it in and play # Faster and more accurate # All games supported # Analog Stick Swap Ability# Firmware upgradeable by checking the manufactures Splitfish website for details # PS2 games support on PS3On-Line Support and Firmware upgrades avail.
Part of the new FREVOLUTION SYSTEM concept and designed specifically with flight, sports and driving titles in mind, the Dual SFX Evolution Wireless Controller for PS3 and PS2 combines the intuitive action-gaming mechanics of two-tier accuracy control into one complete control interface. A right-hand motion/analog joystick controller joins an updated version of the Fragchuck made famous by the original FragFX. Together, the two provide the simultaneous macro and micro gaming control necessary for action games. Each half has full, 6-axis motion tracking with adjustable sensitivity, and connect to your PS3 or PS2 via the included wireless dongle. The Dual SFX Evolution include dynamic sensitivity adjustments, analog stick swap ability, full support for all PS3 games, as well as PlayStation®2 games played on PS3 and upgradeable firmware. For the first person shooter crowd, Dual SFX Evolution is slated to be the successor to the mouse-and-nunchuk combo. This unique SPLITFISH innovation of the integrated motion/analog joystick system provides simultaneous macro and micro gaming control for greater accuracy and customizable game play - like the action of accurately throwing a ball with the combined use of your shoulder (macro) and wrist/finger (micro) mechanics. In addition, it serves as an excellent alternative form of motion gameplay for your favorite flight, sports and driving titles.

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