Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Ultimate Doom Plus Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed

The Ultimate Doom Plus Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed

The complete original megahit plus all-new Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed.For Mac & Power Mac, System 7.1 or later
Classic Computer Game with all new episode iv "Thy Flesh Consumed".

Price: $ 31.95

D! Zone Mac for Macintosh Doom and Ultimate Doom

Originally released for the PC, the D!ZONE wad and mapping utility has come to the Macintosh. Developed specifically for the computer's versions of Doom and Ultimate Doom, this version includes over 2000 levels between the two games and some deathmatch maps for the online enthusiast.

As a collector's edition, D!ZONE MAC for Macintosh Doom and Ultimate Doom includes a new feature known as D!Mac. It gives you the option of accumulating your favorite levels and playing them in successive order; you no longer have to pick and play maps one at a time at random!

Additionally, this version of the D!ZONE utility comes with various wad files and the ability to integrate new files into the interface. Wad files are user-made files that alter certain things within Doom's architecture. For example, there are files that replace regular Imp monsters with famous people or television characters as well as wads that replace weapons with new ones and add new texturing to any given level

Price: $ 9.99

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