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Konnet PS3 Power Pyramid Charging and Storage Dock for Game Controllers Reviews

Konnet PS3 Power Pyramid Charging and Storage Dock for Game Controllers

Charging and Storage Dock for your Game ControllersCharge 4 x Controllers simultaneously (4 x PS3)Powered by AC Adapter (Included) without connection with Game ConsoleLED Indication for Charging Status (Charging - Red Fully Charged - Blue)Stylish Docking to store your controller while not in useIntelligent Protection System - Protects the controllers against potentially harmful overcharging.
The Power Pyramid is a mega charging station designed for the video game remote controllers supporting popular devices like Microsoft XBox 360 and SONY PlayStation 3. It is equipped to charge up to 4 remote controllers at one time with LED charging status indicator. The pioneering rhombus- shaped mechanical design reflects its heavy metallic-like style and goes beyond common charging capability. Features: Charging and Storage Dock for your Game Controllers, Charge 4 x Controllers simultaneously (4 x PS3), Powered by AC Adaptor (Included) without connection with Game Console, LED Indication for Charging Status (Charging - Red; Full Charge - Blue), Stylish Docking to store your controller while not in use.Ideal for PlayStation 3 gamers, the KONNET PS3 Power Pyramid is a stylish charging dock for wireless game controllers. Featuring a sleek black design, this convenient gaming accessory lets you charge four PS3 controllers simultaneously. It also stores the controllers when they're not in use, helping keep your home entertainment center clutter-free. The KONNET PS3Power Pyramid At a Glance: Stores/recharges 4 PS3 controllers Elegant, ultra-modern design Quick charge time of 4 - 6 hours or less Powered by AC adapter; no extra cords needed Saves space, eliminates clutter Store and recharge four PS3 controllers simultaneously. View larger. Elegant, Convenient Storage for Your Controllers When not in use, game controllers often end up scattered around the living room. The KONNET Power Pyramid remedies this with its compact, attractive design and storage functionality. The Pyramid accommodates up to four controllers at one time, and its sturdy, balanced construction ensures that the controllers will stay put until the next gaming session. Compatible with PS3 Controllers In addition to its storage utility, the Power Pyramid also charges the controllers. It contains four charging docks, each of which accommodates a PS3 controller. And there's no need for a direct connection to your console--the Pyramid is a self-contained charger, so you won't have to worry about cables or cords. Quick, Efficient Charging Charging begins as soon as the controllers have been docked--most controllers can be charged to full capacity within a few hours. The charging docks feature KONNET's Intelligent Protection System, which protects the controllers against potentially harmful overcharging. Stylish, Modern Look The Power Pyramid features a sleek, all-black look that complements the PlayStation 3. Two LED lights at the apex of the Pyramid light up when the controllers are docked. In addition, each of the docks features an LED charging indicator, which lights up red when the controller is being charged, and blue when charging is complete. The KONNET PS3 Power Pyramid is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. About KONNET: Inspiring Quality through Innovation KONNET is a leading developer of digital entertainment products, focusing on professional audio/video, mobile entertainment, and gaming products to enhance the performance and stimulate the quality of digital entertainment. KONNET's product development team specializes in designing and developing both electronic and non-electronic components with innovative ideas in order to provide premium quality, performance, and convenience for a new generation of digital entertainment users. What's in the Box PS3 Power Pyramid and AC adapter. Stylish and elegant, the Power Pyramid complements both your PS3 and your living room. View larger.

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