Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ener-G Dance Squad

Ener-G Dance Squad

Two game modes: Story or Challenge mode. Access the different activities once they are unlocked. Unlock exclusive pictures and exchange them with your friends using wireless communications.Express your creativity: Create your own choreography, combining the moves you want to perform. Follow the rhythm of the music to achieve a great performance. Learn new moves as you progress through the adventure.Choose your outfit and the accessories you will use during your performances.Choose the music you want to dance to and the dance floor. Choose from R&B/Soul, Elektro Dance, Funk/Disco, Pop/Rock, Classic, and Tribal.Compete against 12 different opponents, each with their own specific strong points and personalities.
Embody an athletic and passionate girl who is ready to work as hard as it takes to become a world champion of modern dance. With the help of an eccentric coach and his charming son, learn new skills and reveal your full potential as a dancer. However, the road to victory will be full of surprises. You will meet and challenge a lot of different dancers on a huge of variety of music and styles.

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $

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