Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Play Firemen (NDS) My Hero Reviews

Let's Play Firemen (NDS) My Hero

Training sessions and customisation of your character tools and trucks - the fire hose, the pickhead axe and of course the ladderEasy to play and intuitive interface making full use of the DS stylusUse the fire engine to drive fast through the city and respond to the emergenciesReach a higher rank with each successful mission and upgrade your equipment and vehiclesLearn the basics about dangers and how to react when facing them
Ever dreamt about riding on a fire engine, fighting fires and saving lives?

In Let's Play: Firemen you take on the role of a heroic Firefighter! Battle against ferocious blazes, rescue trapped victims from burning buildings, respond quickly in the fire engine to emergency calls and even rescue cats from trees.

Start out as a recruit rookie, ready for training. You will have to train hard to become an officer or even a top captain of the city's fire department.

With Let's Play: Firemen, your dreams of becoming a firefighter come true! Roar through the city streets with sirens blaring and lights flashing, put out fires and learn what it takes to be a real fireman.

Price: $

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